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Last update:
2nd January 2008

Telepower Australia specialises in bringing to market new and novel power system concepts and technology. We have a number of on-going development and commercialisation projects. In general, each project involves a key industry/manufacturing player as a commercial partner. Telepower Australia is not a mass manufacturer, and invites companies to discuss their interest in manufacturing and marketing any technology developed by or in conjunction with Telepower Australia.

As well as providing staff skilled in commercialisation strategy and marketing, Telepower Australia has well-equipped, on-site, technical facilities for research, development, demonstration and small production runs.

    SmartZ - Recording Battery Meter

SmartZ is a recording battery meter that is ideal for the operation and maintenance of battery systems. The SmartZ is versatile and portable, and provides on-line measurement of battery voltage and impedance at the same time. Call or email for pricing and delivery. More information on SmartZ here. Adobe PDF brochure.

    IMS - Intelligent Monitoring System

A major focus project for Telepower Australia is the commercialisation of technology for intelligent monitoring, controlling and alarming of power systems. Telepower Australia fully owns the patent pending Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) technology, which has application to the telecommunications, electricity utility and database/computing markets. IMS can be integrated into OEM power systems equipment via an OEM licence, and can be manufactured into stand-alone product via a stand-alone licence. More information on IMS technology here. Adobe PDF brochure of stand-alone device.

Call or email for pricing and delivery of stand-alone product, as well as information on licencing for manufacture.

    SmartControl - Extend standby battery life smartly

SmartControl achieves high-reliability standby operation of batteries, along with controlled open-circuit operation to significantly extend battery life beyond normal float service life. A simple fail-safe switch in-line with each battery string is controlled by the Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) to provide an intermittent charging regime. The switch is made in a fuse footprint, and housed in a fuse carrier to allow easy installation and to act as a load-current rated disconnect switch. More information on SmartControl here. This effective technique is now available from Telepower Australia - call us to find out how to more than double your battery service life.

    VESS - Vanadium Energy Storage System

Another major focus for Telepower Australia is the development of its Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System (VESS) concept. VESS has been the subject of three recent conference papers presented at the International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC) and EESAT - see our bibliography. VESS has been prepared for a 250kW demonstration battery in South Africa, and a 250kW 2,000kWh commercial battery in USA.

Outside SEI in Japan, Telepower Australia has more experience and technical know-how with the practicalities of industrial-scale VRB technology than anyone else. If you are contemplating this, or other energy storage technology, give us a call or email. We know the advantages, disadvantages and deficiencies.